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Kanga Esports announce partnership with e15

Kanga Esports has today announced a one year partnership with sustainable energy and immunity drink supplier, e15. This partnership will see e15 sign on as Kanga’s exclusive beverage partner.

e15 is a healthy, energy and immunity drink that can be used in advance or for recovery. No sugar, zero caffeine, no artificial flavours or colours and it’s also vegan friendly. A drink created by Drs Nathline and Floyd Gomes to unlock human potential.

Hayden Shiels, CEO of Kanga Esports, spoke about the common goal that both companies have in mind regarding the health and wellbeing sector, whilst also expressing his excitement for partnering up with e15.

“I’m very excited to announce this partnership with e15. Improving health and wellbeing is a goal that both of us share for our communities and here at Kanga Esports we’re excited to introduce e15’s healthy energy drink alternative to those in the esports industry.”

“For us, encouraging healthy living is the way forward,” finished Mr. Shiels.

Dr. Floyd Gomes, Co-Founder of e15, detailed why the company has decided to branch into the esports industry and his excitement for teaming up with Kanga Esports.

“Teaming up with Kanga Esports was a natural fit. Kanga Esports value the health of their players and now they’ll have an awesome fuel and source of sustainable energy in e15.”

“As a doctor myself, I’m personally thrilled to be involved,” finished Dr. Gomes

As part of this partnership e15 will be working with Kanga’s players and creators to help encourage healthy living with the use of their drink. More details of this partnership and how you can get your hands on some e15 will come out in the near future.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with this partnership, check in with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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About Kanga Esports

Founded in 2017, Kanga Esports is recognised as a major driver for growth and development of esports in Oceania. Our teams and players have amassed numerous championship wins. Each win stems from the commitment our team brings to providing our players with all the support they need to succeed.

About e15

e15 is a healthy, energy and immunity drink. Use in advance, or for recovery. No sugar, zero caffeine, no artificial flavours or colours. Vegan friendly. Created by Drs Nathalie and Floyd Gomes to unlock human potential. Backed by Atticus Health.


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