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Established in 2003, Bluemouth Interactive are a trusted supplier of premium video game accessories to the casual and pro gaming markets. 

Recognised as the official Australian Distributor for pro gaming brands Scuf Gaming LucidSound, and nacon, Bluemouth also provide accessories that cater to the PC and console Fighting Game Communities.

“There are some fantastic synergies between Kanga and the products/brands that Bluemouth represent. We are proud to say that we are an official partner and with the expected growth in the local tournament scene we are excited for the year ahead”
- David Provan, Managing Director of Bluemouth Interactive.

Quantum Energy is an easy to use straight out of the tube, sugar free energy drink optimised to meet the needs of the worlds best gamers and esports athletes!


Quantum Energy came about because 2 guys from Melbourne Australia got sick and tired of trying to carry around a bulky tub and shakers for their favourite energy drink. After hours of web surfing and getting spammed by the biggest sugary canned energy drink providers in the world they decided enough was enough and it was time to bring to life a new concept for energy drinks for the gaming scene!

Thus QUANTUM ENERGY was born.

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