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Kanga Esports announce partnership with Ferox Industries

Kanga Esports is pleased to announce that we have signed Australian based apparel company, Ferox Industries, as our official apparel partner for 2022. Ferox will be producing our recently revealed pro jersey and a variety of soon to be revealed street wear items.

Leighton Jackson, Director of Ferox Industries, spoke about the company's overwhelming excitement of launching into the esports industry and partnering up with Kanga Esports.

“Ferox Industries is overwhelmed with excitement to be equipping the Australian esports players and fans with a new era of apparel. Kanga Esports was a clear decision for Ferox Industries to become a sponsor for, as the entire Ferox Industries management team is esports driven, and wanted a professional outlook on our business through the LCO scene.”

“With the professionalism shown by those in Kanga Esports’ management team throughout a multitude of meetings, it was a given for Ferox Industries to partner up for 2022,” finished Mr. Jackson.

Ben Scott, Marketing Manager for Kanga Esports, touched on Kanga’s aspirations of providing high quality streetwear and merchandise to fans, whilst also touching on why Ferox Industries made the best fit.

“Upon announcing that Kanga Esports would be joining the LCO, we also revealed a significant rebrand across the company, which ultimately meant that we would be revisiting a lot of avenues where we present ourselves. Apparel was a standout here and we really want to hit the nail on the head in this area, rather than producing a random run of the mill apparel line with a logo slapped on the front.”

“Ferox Industries was an obvious choice for us after multiple discussions that clearly showed we have similar mission statements when it came to how apparel should be approached. I’m looking forward to revealing what we have in the pipeline and can’t wait to collaborate with Ferox throughout 2022,” finished Mr. Scott.

Kanga Esports and Ferox Industries today revealed the 2022 Kanga Pro Jersey. Check it out here and show your support:

More information around soon to be revealed apparel will come in the near future. In the meantime, check in with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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